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aycan consent

Patient consent on the iPad – Simply clever!

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With aycan consent, you can ensure your patients are fully informed about medical examinations or treatments for their visit. Our solution removes ambiguity in communications with your patients, enables them to effectively consent to procedures while saving your operation from printing, scanning, and handling paper sheets.

aycan consent a decisive added value for practices and clinics with individualized educational sheets and optimal integration into patient record systems. Our solution utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to enable a significant simplification of patient intake without changing existing infrastructure – it seamlessly integrates with your existing system while providing an environmental benefit of reduced paper.

Your patients will benefit as well: A digital assistant guides users step-by-step through a full-screen set of individualized questions and forms via an intuitive iPad interface. This very simple, easy to use process achieves a 'wow effect' with your patients right from the start.

Added value for patients

  • Easy to use: The staff selects the patient on the iPad and starts the wizard
  • A digital assistant guides the patient step-by-step through the sheets
  • Questions are displayed one after the other in full-screen
Step 1: Questions & Answers one after the other --- >>>

Added value for practices/clinics

  • Individual sheets according to your own templates
  • Integration into patient record systems
  • Strengthens reputation with patients
Step 2: The system generates a cleanly formatted PDF




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